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Cream N Crust

Our Products

Since its inception in 1991, we at Cream ‘N’ Crust have always had one very simple philosophy with our food products:

“Only make and serve an item which we would want to eat ourselves.”

Therefore, since the first day at CnC, we only use the freshest cream from local cowherds (called “bharwad” in Gujarati), the best quality flour, chocolate from the best and oldest Indian company and fruits bought fresh daily every day.

Every single ingredient used in our preparations is 100% vegetarian and is sourced from companies that make only government verified, eco-friendly, health friendly and natural substances.

After 30+ years of constantly reinventing ourselves, we proudly have the following categories of products and services to offer our patrons:


A wide variety of soft and creamy cakes made with years of hard work and experience.


Pastries of different varieties, layered with house made sponge and cream or chocolate, delicious enough to soothe any preference.

Ice Cream

Ice cream started by us in 2017, is one of our proudest categories till date because of the fact that our ice cream is one of the only ice creams made only from pure milk and pure fresh fruit or ingredients like chocolate, nuts, sprinkles, gulkand, dry fruits, etc.

Hot Counter

Different types of breads, puffs, doughs and pastries, filled with a range of stuffing and fillings at an affordable range. Perfect for a quick snack.

Mini Desserts

Decadent desserts ranging from cupcakes and lava cakes to cheesecakes and tarts, this category is one of our best sellers

Café Savouries

Available only at the CNC Cafés, the café savouries is a select range of savoury items, handpicked from different cuisines around the world, full of flavour and prepared fresh every time.

Ice Cream Desserts

Also available only at the CnC Cafés, Ice Cream Desserts comprise of our best efforts to create lip-smacking creations made with an intention to display our unique creativity, new flavour, live engagement of the diner and a evident “wow” factor.