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Who can take
a Franchisee?

Anybody can take a Franchisee of Cream ‘N’ Crust. You do not need to be from or familiar with the food industry to run a Cream ‘N’ Crust Franchisee. We have designed the framework and the technology in such a way that it is extremely easy for anyone to run an Express module or even a large-scale Café. We’ve spent 30 years mastering every single detail so that you don’t have to waste time and worry about anything.

Where can I start a CNC Franchisee?

A Cream ‘N’ Crust franchisee can be started anywhere. It is best to start in the middle of a residential area as well as in the middle of an already well running commercial establishment. Whenever someone is interested in starting a Cream ‘N’ Crust franchisee, our team helps with scouting or looking for a good location, which is a very important factor.

Cream ‘N’ Crust originally started at Parle Point as a bakery outlet. As time passed and customer requirements increased, we made changes to our modules and created new segments to be able to cater to growing demands. The results are the following three modules:

Express Module

Express counter is the smallest module of all. It includes a limited variety of Cakes, Pastries, Mini Desserts, Hot counter and Ice creams. The size of express counter module is 250 to 400sqft. Our express modules are Athwagate, TGB and City Light.

Bakery Module

Bakery module is our second module. It includes a much wider variety of Cakes, Pastries, Mini Desserts and Hot Counter items like Croissants, Puffs, Rolls, Etc. and it also includes Shakes and Ice Cream Desserts. A major advantage of this module over the express module is the advantage of having seating to create a good atmosphere that boosts sales and customer loyalt. The size of bakery module is 400 to 600sqft. Our bakery modules are Parle Point, Honey Park, Gujarat Gas Circle, Lalgate, Rustampura, and Tarwadi.

Cafe Module

Cafe module is our biggest and most beautiful module. It includes all the categories like Cakes, Pastries, Ice Cream Cakes, Mini Desserts, Hot Counter, Shakes, Ice Cream Desserts and the recent most popular category of Café Savouries. Café Savouries is a select range of savoury items, handpicked from different cuisines around the world, full of flavour and prepared fresh at the outlet every time. Over and above this wide range of eatables and drinkables, the Café has a large seating capacity of 40+ people and is perfect for little parties, IPL match viewing, business meetings, business conferences, kitty parties, HR meets as well as regular dining. The size of the cafe module is 1000 sqft or above. Our Cafés are Prime Shoppers, Katargam, Vivanta Icon and Pal.

Items included Cakes, pastries, mini desserts, Ice Creams, Hot Counter Cakes, pastries, Ice Creams, Hot Counter, Shakes, Ice Cream Desserts Cakes, pastries, Ice Creams, Hot Counter, Shakes, Ice Cream Desserts, Café Live Savory Items
Required Sqft 250-400 400-600 1000+
Minimum Shop Frontage 12 ft 12-15 ft 15 ft +
Shop Rent Estimate 15-20,000 25-30,000 55,000-75,000

What are the steps to acquire a Cream ‘N’ Crust franchisee?

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